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Welcome to LifeList.net, your home for bird listing and social networking with other birders.

LifeList helps you pursue your birdwatching passion. We help you keep track of all the birds you've seen, and help you connect with others who share your passion.

There's no software to install, no databases to update, no data backup worries, and you can use it anywhere there's internet access.

We can put your existing birdlist (from any program, even on paper) into LifeList for a reasonable fee. If you would like that service or have questions or comments about this site, please contact us.

We currently use the Clements/Cornell University world bird list (almost 10,000 species), and the American Birding Association north american bird list (about 2000 species). We have lists for selected US states and are adding more. Please let us know if you want something that's not here!

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